Adventures in Extreme Couponing

I Love competition. With a capital L. However, with my unique ability to fall over even while standing still, I never quite made it in sports… perhaps I was the best darn fan in the stands, and one heck of a debate team member… but never a sports team member. However, I have still maintained a healthy sense of competition into my adult life.

So, this leads me to my new competitive event… couponing. Last month when I decided this was the year of saving money and living simply (it’s all about the fine moments, right?), I looked at ways to cut costs. Well, with so many fixed bills, I decided to tackle the most flexible cost I had… shopping, namely groceries.

Now, the Mang household is already pretty budget savvy… we have the Safeway Club Card, we buy generic brands and shop the sales… so I took the challenge head on. I did some research and found that stores will match manufacturer coupons along with store coupons (did everyone except me know this?) .

I sought out the best manufacturer coupons that my family used (baby items, cleaning supplies, food) and found a wonderful supply at All You Magazine Online along with Personalized Coupons on the Safeway 4 U App. I even added in a few deals from the new Ibotta App.

While it took a bit more prep work than I intended, I started off to the store armed with my grocery list, reusable shopping bags, menu for the week, baby Bjorn, and phone (for the apps). It turns out, the line that says savings at the bottom…$70.00 in coupon savings…. what? That was $70.00 that I would have spent otherwise, still in my bank account. I didn’t even skimp on the wine!

Was it the right combination of sales and coupons? Did the cashier feel bad for a flustered mom with a wiggly baby in a funny front facing backpack? What will she make with sale items smoked sausage, zucchini, chickpeas and angel hair pasta (yes… this was made and it was delicious.. see Chopped). I’m not sure, but I am out to do it again this week… or maybe even beat my best $70.00 savings. I haven’t figured out if it’s a race against myself, my bank account or maybe the grocery store, but I finally found a competition that I can win… and that $70.00 savings was my first place at the finish line.

How do you save on weekly groceries and household items? Please share with my by posting or send me comments at @KatieMang



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