A Lesson in Composting…. and Life.

I was so taken a-back last month when a bag of leaves was placed next to our compost box by an anonymous neighbor. I was also ashamed at myself for immediately jumping to conclusions that a neighbor was stashing trash in our lawn. I am angry that I immediately thought the worst, and then become even more guilt-ridden that I have come to a point where I would be angry about a bag of trash. It’s a bag… of trash… not worth any anger.

Once I discovered it was a fellow compost friend, I was over joyed that someone wanted to contribute and in fact, took the time to bag up their leaves and walk them over to our lawn.

So, fellow humans… come join our compost! And, thank you for the reminder that it is so important not to jump to conclusions and immediately think the worst in people, especially neighbors. That is a lesson worth keeping in mind and so powerful in that moment, that I needed to share.

Oh, and if you don’t know about composting, it’s super awesome. Learn how.


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