Perfect Moment Monday

My perfect moment was actually Sunday morning, but thinking about it on this crazy Monday of a day makes me smile. Sunday morning, I woke up wedged between my dog, baby, and hubby… see the blank space on those awesome snowman sheets in our Queen sized bed… I was curled up there. I woke up and just started giggling to myself and had to take the photo. While my bendy skills and super tiredness allowed me to sleep in such an awkward position, it also hit me in that moment how lucky I was to be surrounded (literally) by all the people and pets that mean the most to me, too. It’s just a reminder when I feel that I can’t take eating another cold meal, fold anymore laundry or one more crazy request at work… that having to share my precious bed-space isn’t such a bad thing… in fact, it’s kinda great!

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6 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday

  1. (Here from PMM). Oh I love this and I can totally relate! Our oldest son is now 3.5 years old and when he wakes up at night he always tries to get into the ‘big bed’ – most times I try to bring him back to his own bed, but every now and then I’m too tired and he’s allowed to sleep in between us, and of course he takes up way more space than you would think of such a little boy, so hubby and I sleep on a few inches when he’s stretched out diagonally. And despite this, I sometimes feel, when I look at my two sleeping kids, that I would prefer to sleep with them in one big bed every night… 😉 (which for the youngest is impossible, because he just wants to play with the lights of the alarm etc. so when he’s in the big bed, no-one sleeps).

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