Social Media Reciprocity

A quick google search of “Social Media Reciprocity” will showcase what a number of Social Media experts believe is the correct netiquette for retweets and followings. I don’t claim to be a social media expert (and, also don’t believe in experts in this field – it changes far too Imagequickly), but I have challenged myself to begin reciprocating the love when I am followed. And, I have a few take-aways:

  • By truly reviewing who is following me and what their blog/website/information has to offer… I am learning a lot of neat stuff!
  • It’s a great way to see who is connecting with you purposefully and who is just adding people… and adding, and adding…
  • There is so much spam out in the twitterverse!!
  • Most people will reciprocate back, check out your blog or thoughts if you take the time to check out theirs.

How this can be done without being social media tacky:

  • When someone follows you, check out their profile. Read their blog, review their website, see if they have tweeted something interesting lately.
  • As appropriate, follow if you really do feel that you have something to connect about.
  • Even if you do not follow, find something interesting to say, ask them about their blog, comment on one of their recent tweets… or simply.. thank them for the follow.
  • Ignore the spam.

Have you an avid reciprocator? Do YOU appreciate recirprocity? What are you tactics and strategies? If you don’t… why not?


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