How to Fake “Awake”

Unfortunately, we have all had those days where we are just exhausted – perhaps from a sleepless night, restless child, or sometimes we all just feel plain worn out. On those mornings when I wake up (or perhaps have been awake for awhile) and must get ready to be in public and have face-to-face conversations with others, I make a decision to fake it and get through my day. Here is how I fake “awake” and tips to make it through the day unharmed, or without harming others:

  • Pay extra attention on how you dress… you want to be comfortable, but nothing makes a tired day worse than feeling frumpy and nothing helps you feel better than to look better. Pick comfortable but structured clothes. Flats or boots make good shoes and skip any accessories that you will be tempted to play with (hanging earrings, messy scarves) – keep it simple and polished. I also make an extra note to layer on these days for easy ways to get warm and cool off.


  • Go easy on the eye make up. Nothing looks more tired than making tired or bloodshot eyes darker – use neutral tones and don’t skip on the mascara (helps keep eyes look outlined = awake). I always wear my thick glasses frames glasses, so it helps mask it a bit!
  • Don’t just watch what you wear – watch what you eat! Give into the caffeine  but match it with equal (and more!) cups of water, a filling but not heavy breakfast, and lunch packed with protein. Thanks to WebMD for some ideas on what to eat to boost your mood and energy. When I am super tired, I snack on apples and peanut butter throughout the day


  • Also – be active… when you are worn out, it’s easy to sink into your chair and zone out. If you are able to, do some yoga stretches, go to the water cooler often, pace around or hold a meeting standing up.


  • Lastly, by all means – avoid things that trigger your anxiety, anger or impatience. Lack of sleep or tiredness can cause irritability, and being angry on top of that can lead to disaster. Avoid making big decisions. For me, I know long-winded talking is my trigger when I am irritable. I just want to yell “get to the point!!” – so I avoid long winded conversations and talkers when I am ubertired, I also avoid anything that can cause debate and save it for a day that I am up for it!

Make it through the day – get home and eat a good meal – take care of the loved ones – forget the chores and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day!


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