No Running Water, No Cry

Over the years, my hubs and I have had to “roll with the punches” on several occassions. Our choice method of coping is equal parts laughter and sarcasm. So, when we arrived home after a five and a half hour road trip of this (on repeat):


to a yard full of mud, no running water, and a little bit of chaos, we had to laugh… again. It could have been worse.. much, much worse.

Two years ago while living in a small apartment outside of Washington, DC – we made that same roadtrip (the 5 and a half hours between my parents house to our home outside of DC). It was late, cold, and we were exhausted but only to find we were locked out, couldn’t get ahold of the landlord to get in, and had to call a locksmith. After waiting an hour for a locksmith who didn’t show, we broke into our own apartment, only to find that the power was out, the food in the fridge was rotted (along with a pool of grossness around the fridge), and freezing. So, we laughed, cleaned it up and got the power on a again. Then, we lay down in bed to veg-out in front of the TV, when we started to smell smoke.. yes, the TV was smoking, something to do with the power surge when the power went out, Again, we cleaned it up and laughed it off.

So, after a roadtrip of crying, screaming, laughing baby and a car-sick dog, to come home with no water, we just had to laugh and roll with it. It’s been two days without running water (oh, and I left my laptop powerstip behind so I had to McGuyver some work space, washspace and cleaning)… but, we got it.

So, even though my front yard looks like this:


And, I haven’t had a hot shower in two days (don’t worry folks, we washed and there are various plumbers walking through the house while I work from home, and my dog is barking and crying at the plumbers… things are looking up. We still have the TV 🙂


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