FHA – Firstime Homebuyers Anxiety

My partner and I have had many “talks” over the years – we have had the “let’s be exclusive talk” and the “we should move in together” and, of course the “are we read to have kids?” Luckily, all of these talks have led us to great things: a closer relationship, more time together, marriage, and our awesome son. So, when we started to have the talk that we vowed never to have, the “let’s move back home” talk, I was surprised that this quickly led to the “let buy a house back home” talk.

We moved out to the Washington, DC metro area 3 years ago seeking new adventures! culture! Jobs! good times! We got all that we wanted and more! Then, when life changed quickly – all in a few months there was a baby, job loss, new jobs, no babysitters, and no sleep! It became clear that we were longing to get home, for support, for fun, for family and friends, for ownership of a home we can afford (DC homeprices are some of the highest in the country)!

So, we set off for home (Ohio) with plans to look at some neighborhoods, browse some houses… 2 days later, we are knee deep in negotiations on our dream starter home.

Now, as first time homebuyers, I had visions of what you see on House Hunters, sign the paperwork, inspection and done. This is not the case. There were negotiations, lots of negotiations. There was paperwork… oh, and lots of paperwork. And lots of scanning the paperwork, being out of town and all. There was also problems during the inspection, a few issues getting them fixed, appraisals, more paperwork, budgeting, TONS of fees, and did I mention paperwork?

And, now we are moving into the moving stage. Moving across 3 states, in a short period of time (3 weeks), coordinating staying with my parents until we close, finding help with moving, finding storage until the closing date, and working full-time. It’s certainly been a little hectic.

The FHA – Firstime Homebuyers Anxiety that I am experiencing is a mix of anticipation, exhaustion, and excitement. While things may be stressful for the next few weeks as things are finalized, moving in with my parents and then moving again into the house.. it will all be worth it.

My advice for anyone else looking to buy their first home:

  • do your homework
  • Know and budget for all of the fees.
  • Know your price range and be prepared to negotiate to stay within it.
  • Be ready for a home inspection that may result in less than favorable results – and discuss what your deal breakers (mold, termites) are and what you are prepared to fix (appliances, windows).
  • just know that no matter how much you plan, this process will be stressful and exciting.
  • Oh, and get comfy pens for all the paperwork signatures.




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