Next Time, Bring Your Own (Secret) Chocolate!

Temporary living arrangements can be frustrating. Where to send your mail? Should you get a PO Box? Which storage facility do you hold your items? What to pack for one month? I could go on…. What I didn’t imagine would be the most frustrating is, finding the candy stash!

Let me back up… I am working from my parents home (our temporary home for March/April) and I am alone in the house mid-afternoon when my sweet tooth starts to act up. I check my parent’s fridge… no ice cream. The pantry… no cookies. I wonder… where is the secret candy? Doesn’t every adult hide some candy, just in case they get a sweet tooth attack?! Until finally I stumble on this little gem:


Much to my disappointment, these little candies are about as tasty as they look… bleh.

I thought that this temporary living arrangement would be difficult for a multitude of reasons and I was wrong. Everything was going smoothly until I had 2 major realizations. 1. There is no candy stash in this house, and 2. Not everyone keeps some (good) chocolate hidden somewhere.

Word of advice.. if you are prone to sweet cravings… especially chocolate… and you have a month or so temporary living arrangement on the horizon: forget the mailbox and packing worries and BYOSCS.. bring your own secret candy/chocolate stash.

Follow up note to anyone worried about my chocolate craving: I made some hot chocolate and realized that this was not as big of an issue as I once declared, however I am still disappointed that I am the only adult in my family – and possibly ever – that has a secret candy stash. However, I do stand by my BYOSCS advice.


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