The 7 Month Old Dinner Experience

In our house we appreciate all of the simple things (like a yummy dinner with the family) and fine moments (watching our lil guy explore new foods – the faces are priceless).

But, even appreciating all of those fine moments over the greater part of a year that little Owen has joined us, it’s hard to believe that he turned 7 months old yesterday! How is it that he already has favorite foods? Opinions on toys? He’s crawling around (oh, I now understand the fuss about baby proofing). It’s such a strange feeling dealing with the mixed emotions of extreme excitement to experience all these new activities and discoveries with him; but also a sense of sadness that some moments of newborn newness have already passed.

Since solid (well, kinda solid, mostly just super mashed and pureed) foods have been apart of our guy’s excitement lately, I gave him lots of time last night, and took tons of pictures, to just watch him explore, experience, be a little dramatic and giggle as he chowed down on some peas and bananas.


It’s so easy as adults to forget that for an infant, even one that is crawling, babbling and has preferences, every experience is new. And, even the introduction of pureed peas is something to celebrate and experience.

Happy 7 months Owen – it was a fine moment!


One thought on “The 7 Month Old Dinner Experience

  1. Owen is so cute! My youngest is 3 months older then him, She just turned1 on the 15th and its so neat the new things they go trough! I love watching the changes! Btw, I found your blog on Bloggy Moms April Blog hop, I hope you can come visit me as well 😀

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