What Came First, the Blanket or the Paint?

As my partner and I are navigating the jungle that I call the FHA Loan process (also, while living with my parents until we close) I can’t help but get excited for the upcoming move! We have rented until now, so it’s finally time to make a house OUR home, with all the furnishing and fixtures that speak to our style.

During this process we need to consider resale value, our budget, merging two design strong design aesthetics, and not getting too far ahead of ourselves and finishing one project at a time.

While we still have a few weeks of waiting, I am starting to get my feet a little wet and figuring out what we want to do with the master and baby boy bedrooms. I have my pinterest board full of ideas… but in reality I still need to narrow it down. It may be a bit difficult to fit a country-style, contemporary, spa like, feminine-masculine-gender neutral, blue-green-purple-yellow-neutral-bright-calming-loud design all in one space. Seriously, folks – It can’t be done.

I spent some time browsing the local do-it-yourself-er store and I got stuck in a huge dilemma… do I start with a paint color or a fabric? Most advice says paint… I am leaning fabric… or paint…

If I start with the paint, I need to find a blanket and fabrics that compliment the paint. The paint is a bit more permanent. Or, do I search around until I am inspired by a fabric.. and then find a paint that compliments the design??

Please send me your design tricks and ideas! I would love to feature some of our renovations and will give a shout out to any ideas you send my way. I plan to do this all on a tight budget – so, $$savvy works best for me.