Doing Less, With Less

I attended graduate school during the peak of the recent recession in 07-09. We spent many hours, especially in my business class, discussing spending cuts, resources and lay offs. It was not uncommon for us to have discussions on how to “do more with less.”

One day after a lengthy discussion, our professor declared that we were all wrong. If you cut off people or you have less resources i.e. time, you don’t try to do more with less. Instead, you do less with less. You prioritize, select your tasks on what makes the most impact, and don’t burn out your reduced staff.

This always stuck with me, and years later as I started writing this blog – I had to take a brief hiatus to do exactly that –  less, with less. 

I was running short on time and energy and was thrown a few curve balls along the way. I decided that I needed to take the time between April – July to focus on my priorities, do higher quality work on a few less things, and rebound. So, here I am renewed, and ready to increase my load (just a little!).

So, while my blog has been quiet, here is what I have been up to:

– Moving into our new home – err… unpacking

– Cleaning, painting, decorating, landscaping, furnishing our home

– Having the norovirus (awful. just awful) on the day we got the keys to our home

– Getting laid off from my job 2 weeks after getting the keys

– Watched (who am I kidding, run after) my son as he went from crawling, to creeping, to walking and running in two months

– Baby proofing

– Starting a new job at a start-up nonprofit 2 days after getting laid off

– Writing blog posts about pro-bono service while I did some of this, too!

– Giving some old furniture, like a craft table, chalkboard tray and farm table some new life

– Made a burlap wreath while my 10 month old took a nap

– Took a week to DC for a conference for my new gig

– And, recently invited our first guests over for a weekend of picnics, in-laws, Owen’s Baptism and a housewarming party


While the last few months have had some great highs (new home, guests, parties!) and lows (sick, getting laid off) and some time for myself (crafting); I had to take some time to say no to some volunteer gigs, traveling and social media to take care of my top priorities: family, creating a home, and work. 

I urge you to take some breaks here and there to do Less, with Less – but make the most of those items you focus on. If you are the type of person that is always going to push yourself and try to “do more” you need to take some down time, even if just a month or two every once in awhile. You may be surprised how much you can actually get done while enjoying it!