A 6 Hour Road Trip to Relax

Why would anyone be so excited to spend their Friday evening (into the night) after a full day of work driving across the great state of PA? Did I mention that this includes a motion-sickness pup, a 5 month old that just learned to scream…for fun, and a kindle fire stocked up with Yo Gabba Gabbas and Blues Clues (or, as my hubby calls it Booze Cruise). I am excited because it’s a trip HOME, and there really is no place like it!

I am a classic type A personality, with a bit of an organizational problem (Hi, My name is Katie and I want to organize your cabinets,… and your bathroom… and my child’s diapers). This has been a great asset to my career and home (truly). But, it’s hard to sometimes just “turn it off.” Days off are spent cleaning. Days on are spent writing, networking and just working! So, when I get to my parent’s house this magical thing happens… my shoulders relax, I don’t think about work, and I don’t pick up after anyone. 


My son relaxed and being taken care of… this is the feeling we get at my parent’s house

Living 6 hours away was great as a young married couple, we got some space, explored a new city every weekend and could make a quick decision to get in the car and head home when we needed an Ohio-fix. Now, as rookie parents, the distance seems a bit longer and the car just a little more packed (how can I 5 month old take up so much space?!).  So those sporadic trips home become fewer and farther apart, and that relaxing feeling that hits me when I walk through the door is needed more than ever. Which is why, I am actually looking forward to this long car ride, for a few days of tension free shoulders, no chores (well, I will pick up after my family and help mom with the dishes), and just some down time.

I always scoffed at my mom when she said that “being a parents changes you,” but as I sit here preparing for a long car ride to her house so that she can take over and I can relax, I realize that yes, being a parent changes everything, especially a HUGE new found appreciation for your own parents.


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