Creating Spring: Inside Swing Edition

If you follow just about anyone in the Midwest or East Coast of the United States on Twitter or Facebook lately, you will know that the very anticipated beginning of Spring came and went without much warmth and lots of snow. Looking out the window of my parents home you will see remnants of a recent flurry and miles of grey, dreary skies.

Since desperate (for Spring) times call for desperate (for any feeling of Spring) measures, my parents brought a little bit of Spring indoors. For those of you who follow my blog (haha… who am I kidding?) you now know that me and my little family have moved back into my parent’s house until we close on our house (one month to go!). In excitement for our little one to be around my parent’s home for Spring and Summer, they bought a swing to hang from the tree in my childhood front yard. But, with no sign of Spring in sight, they took matters into their own hands and hung the swing indoors!


Unconventional? Yes. A little silly? You bet! But, being able to share our baby’s first swing without having to wait for Spring was awesome. And, he loved it – the price? A few (sturdy and safe) hooks in the ceiling, but they could also now serve as hanging plant holders, too! Sometimes you have to go outside the box a little bit and get a little crafty. Make your home exactly as silly, fun or goofy as exactly to reflect the you and your family! Its those out of the box and personalized items that really make a house a home… and I can’t wait to get started with our own next month!

Do you live in the Northeast Ohio area and looking to install a baby indoor swing put up in your house? Send me a little message and we can arrange to have it professionally done.


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